Incense Name: Cinnamon
Slogan on Package: True to Nature
Manufacturer: Auroshikha
City: Pondicherry
Country: India

Type: Aromatic Oil-Dipped Stick
Scent Family: Spice
Strength: Medium-Strong
Burn Time: 1 hour
Afterburn Linger: 2 hours
Smoke: Medium

Good For: Studying, after dinner chill-out, holiday parties.

Review: This incense is a real pleasure to burn. The manufacturers have used a high quality pure cinnamon essential oil and almond oil, and according to their packaging the process is done in accordance with Swiss ingredient standards. It also states on the label that it is hand-made without glues, creating a non-toxic and low smoke incense. The quality is apparent, because not only does this incense smell natural, but it smells the same burning as it does unburned. This is so rare in the world of incense! The only word of caution I have is to store this incense in the original packaging, because a half-burned stick will lose it's aroma if left out in the open air for later use. This is common with pure essential oils and is only a minor inconvenience.

Reviewed by Heather A.

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