Incense Name: Creativity
Manufacturer: Triloka
Country: India
Description on Package: Creativity incense supports harmonious Chi (energy) in the creativity section of your home.
Incense Slogan on Package: Feng Shui Incense

Type: Masala Stick
Scent Family: Blend
Strength: Medium
Burn Time: 45 minutes
Afterburn Linger: 30 minutes
Smoke: Medium
Good For: Beginning new projects, unique romantic overtures, cutting through the quagmire in style.

Review: Triloka is no stranger to the incense industry, but their new Feng Shui line featuring labels emblazoned with golden Chinese characters is unlike anything they’ve offered in the past. The packaging is certainly top of the line; does the incense make the grade?

First question. Does this Indian incense want to be Chinese incense as the packaging and Feng Shui concept for Creativity suggest? A quick whiff suggests no; the scent is that of a very good Indian rose masala (but flashing a bit of a naughty side). So apparently they found the Feng Shui theme and ran with it.

Now, the light-up… Man, they didn’t just run with it, they soared with it. This stuff da bamba! The primary ingredients are rose, cedarwood, orange, and patchouli. Sound a little schizophrenic? I assure you that the blend effortlessly hits all the marks.

Rose can overpower me in an incense, but in Creativity, it plays fair while keeping its floral qualities front and center. I get a very alive spring-summer hit from this blend. Certainly the orange plays a substantial role. Sexy stuff; a playful and vibrant mix. Creativity is also reminiscent of “traditional” Indian sticks I burned in my college days, but the presentation and quality are on a much higher level. Probably too rich for a daily burn, but if you are looking to simply create an uplifting and positive incense environment—you probably don’t need to look much farther.

Epilogue: After finishing this review, I took a moment to read the glossy brochure packed with the sticks. Triloka is really going for it with their Feng Shui line. These are custom blends that have been created by families with an expertise in incense blending. Their goal is to produce quality incense that supports the flow of Chi (or in India, Prada). I do testify that they’ve accomplished their mission, ladies and gentlemen.

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