Incense Name: Ratnamala
Manufacturer: Amber Aromatics
City: Bangalore
Country: India
Slogan on Package: Cherished as one of the world's seven great fragrances.

Type: Charcoal Stick
Scent Family: Mystery
Strength: Medium-Strong
Burn Time: Couldn’t finish
Afterburn Linger: Couldn’t finish
Smoke: Medium
Good For: Making your apartment smell like an 80's hair salon.

Review: The stick of Ratnamala now burning in my apartment will be promptly extinguished the moment I finish this short review. I won’t slam Ratnamala, what you smell through the many layers of packaging is exactly what you get (for those who purchase incense online, I can describe this stuff in one word—hairspray).

I’ll quickly note a few things. I love the graphic on the hexagram box. Looks like a poster for a heavy metal band’s one night stand at Mardi Gras. Also, their slogan, “Cherished as one of the world’s seven great fragrances.” It makes me rethink if hairspray has to smell like it does—or god forbid
wants to smell like it does.

P.S. to the packaging department. What is going on with all that cryptic scrawl on the inner tube?

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Incense Nose

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