Royal Life

Incense Name: Royal Life
Manufacturer: Pradhan
City: Bangalore
Country: India
Description on Package: Royal Life .. a monarch. When it comes to exhibition of expertise in incense making, Royal Life excels. It is a rich blend of traditional herbs that date back to Vedic times, gives you an everlasting fragrance that creates and ideal atmosphere for prayer and meditation.
Slogan on Package: Spiritual Fragrance

Type: Masala Stick
Scent Family: Mystery
Strength: Medium
Burn Time: 45 minutes
Afterburn Linger: 20 minutes
Smoke: Medium
Good For: Mornings, reading, porches overlooking gardens.

Review: Royal Life is a masala incense with a hefty Napoleonic complex. These wee sticks aren’t at all diminutive when it comes to their bombastic scent.

I can’t say this is my favorite style of incense. I can’t stand mornings, I’d rather be writing than reading, and I don’t have a garden. But it isn’t Royal Life’s fault that I’m a night owl; I clearly recognize that this is an unique and quality incense.

Pre light up, a whiff of the raw stick is strongly reminiscent of Super Hit, but once the burn starts, we are definitely experiencing something super different. The box references traditional herbs dating back to Vedic times. A dressy reference to Patchouli? It sure isn’t hiding—but it isn’t too overpowering in the blend. Yet the fragrance taken in its entirety is somewhat unrelenting, nearly as much so as a dhoop. There is a sweetness with actual or implied floral notes having a wicked little party with the patchouli, and let me tell you, the combo sure isn’t a shy one. That would make sense, right? This is Royal Life. Gauche elegance. Jugglers, jesters, knights, and queens.

This is somebody’s favorite incense. Hopefully you know who you are from reading this review, but my nose is too sore to say one thing more.

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Norm said...

This is one of the best fragrances around, but it does remind me of the Anglican church I went to as a child in Bolton.

L said...

I love it!!! After you burn it for a few minutes, I swear the room feels different like I stepped back in time and it makes the room feel 'different'. I can't explain it.

Unknown said...

I want to buy these, but these are not available in town. Please let me know if I can order these online directly from you!

Awaiting your response!