Premium Sandal

Incense Name: Premium Sandal
Manufacturer: Galivery
City: Bangalore
Country: India
Description on Package: Sandal Wood is synonymous with Mysore Premium Sandal is a judicious blend of herbs, spices & pure sandal dust with aromatic chemicals together with sandal oil. Premium Sandal meets international safety requirements (Grass list).
Slogan on Package: Hand Rolled Indian Incense

Type: Masala Stick
Scent Family: Wood
Strength: Medium-Strong
Burn Time: 1 hour
Afterburn Linger: 30 minutes
Smoke: Medium
Good For: Autumn and winter, entertaining company while discussing deep earth-based matters, providing a comfortable and warm environment for self.

Review: Love sandalwood? Love purity? Congratulations. You’ve found a sweet home in Premium Sandal by Galivery. There are only two other times I’ve smelled an Indian-style sandalwood this pure. The first was in ’73 (I was just five, but I’ll never forget that magical day at Pier One when I became aware of hippies—I thought they were wizards). The other time was in Tanzania when I purchased a box of sandalwood incense from an East Indian merchant. But now, finally, I have a steady source.

Yes, pure sandalwood lovers—this is incense’s version of a spankin-new feather bed with a freshly cleaned down comforter. Premium Sandal has a welcoming dry and rich warmth, comfort, and purity that is in my opinion unrivaled. The wood scent has a remarkably authentic and unforced richness. The grade of sandalwood used must be what billionaire hamsters are lining their cages with in heaven. Seriously.

But here’s the hitch, the typical export of this incense (if you can find it) isn’t nearly as good as what is sold directly in India. The boxes are almost identical, so the scent is the only way to know if you’ve got the right stuff or not. I’m fortunate enough to patronize an incense shop where one of the owners brings the high quality version back himself from purchasing trips in India. I’d be happy to hook you up, just drop me a line.

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Madame7 said...

I live in Seattle and buy incense at Travelers ( where the owner has a connection to buy Galivery premium sandal, but has a hard time keeping it in stock since the exports are so unpredictable. The box looks different from what you post, but i know we're talking about the same incense because i have never come across sandalwood as phenomenal as this. I paid $10 for 25 sticks and am rationing those carefully in case they won't have more when i go back to the shop. I was wondering if you could send me more info about your source, how much they sell it for, and how i might go about ordering some. Did you know that your blog is the only entry that came up when searching for "Galivery Sandalwood"?

thanks for any leads,

Anonymous said...

Moksh's Agarbatties are scented sticks that when burnt, give out fragrant fumes. Our Products are Sandalwood Incense Manufacturers in India.