Daybreak (Akebono)

Incense Name: Daybreak (Akebono)
Manufacturer: Shoyeido
Country: Japan

Type: Senko Stick
Scent Family: Floral (Grassy)
Strength: Medium-Light
Burn Time: 1 hour
Afterburn Linger: 1 hour
Smoke: Light
Good For: Meditation, house cleaning, and welcoming guests.

Review: Daybreak is a very good quality incense for the price. The aroma is refined and natural, as many Japanese incense are and it emits a very low smoke. The unburnt incense has a distinct honeysuckle aroma that is sweetly floral without being cloying. The smell of the burning incense is distinctly different, grassy and woodsy like a mild campfire. A hint of perfuminess comes through when this incense burns, which is the only indicator that this is not an expensive choice. However I would recommend this incense to those desiring a mellow and refined aroma.

Reviewed by Heather A.

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