Incense Name: Concentration
Manufacturer: Auromere Incense
City: Pondicherry
Country: India
Description on Package: Resin comes from the fragrant sap of an Indian tree. In Ayurveda, the smoke of this tree is inhaled to create a spiritual atmosphere, increase the power of concentration and repel bad spirits.
Slogan on Package: Hand-rolled

Type: Masala Stick
Scent Family: Resin
Strength: Strong
Burn Time: 1 hour
Afterburn Linger: 3+ hours
Smoke: Medium
Good For: Trips to the desert with Jim Morrison

Review: Concentration indeed—this is some heady stuff. Likely a bit deep for some, but if you aren’t afraid of a substantial ritualistic incense, you absolutely have to get on Auromere’s deep and well crafted spiritual ride.

I don’t know my Asian political history as well as I should, but I’m curious if Pondicherry (city of manufacturing) is an Indian city close to where the Tibetan government is located in exile. Concentration smells curiously similar to simpoi sticks (the most common form of Tibetan incense). In fact, if I walked into a room where this was burning, I’d probably assume it was a simpoi. In intensity (not scent) it is also approaches a sage smudge, but is a bit less overpowering.

Similarities aside, Auromere has certainly created a powerful and unique incense. I’d describe the scent as that of an earthy resin evoking the mesmerizing spiciness of a campfire or sauna. I enjoy it indoors before bed or meditation, but it could certainly be great outdoors or as an accoutrement to deep literati hot tub sessions.

Not a daily burner unless you are a true lizard king, you’ll want a good supply of Concentration (if you
need it, you better have it). For mental clarity, and respiratory clarity as well, this is certainly my favorite incense of its type. Tree resin lovers will appreciate the penetrating levels that this incense effortlessly navigates.

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