Super Hit

Incense Name: Super Hit
Manufacturer: Shrinvas Sugandhalaya
City: Bangalore
Country: India
Slogan on Package: Since 1964

Type: Masala Stick
Scent Family: Mystery
Strength: Medium
Burn Time: 1 hour
Afterburn Linger: 30 minutes
Smoke: Light
Good For: Relaxation, feeling sexy, doing complex mathematics.

Review: I got my first Super Hit about six years ago. Since then I’ve burned more of it than any other single brand of incense, and probably by a margin I’d be ashamed to admit. Did you ever hear the (true) story about Elvis, that for a month he only ate meatloaf for dinner? I have him beat—I burnt nothing but Super Hit for a whole year. No incense is that good. How did my obsession begin?

The packaging drew me in with its sexy Darth Vader color scheme. The twelve etched images of the zodiac look pretty intense (unless you happen to take a more astute look at them). And of course, the name—
Super Hit. It totally cracked me up, in a Cheech and Chong way. Like this incense itself was inspired by a actual historic toke taken by, somebody… How could I walk away from this box.

So the obvious question, is this a variety of Nag Champa? I dunno, probably. I sometimes see it listed online in this category. I’m not the best person to ask; I’ve never purchased the infamous blue-box Nag Champa also produced by Shrinivas Sugandhalaya (no need to buy an incense you already smell everywhere). In any case, I think Super Hit is better.

The first hit has a dry spiciness fitting many moods, but somehow it is far from being a "lowest common denominator” incense. Below the surface is a citrus tang carrying the scent experience directly into the body. The aroma overall is unique but not challenging. Thing is, I can’t really tell you why it is so addictive (like meatloaf to some), but I have noticed Super Hit fever spreading like crazy. I even purchased it recently in the form of bar soap.

In summary, Super Hit is one of the best daily burns on the market. The ingredients are high quality, giving you a nice warm ride without pushing you out of your comfort zone. I highly recommend it, but not to the extreme that you neglect the many other amazing varieties of incenses out there. We all saw what happened to Elvis.

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