Frankincense Deluxe

Incense Name: Frankincense Deluxe
Manufacturer: The Incense Works
City: Salt Lake City
Country: United States (manufactured in India)
Description on Package: The incredible fragrance of rare white Frankincense, with select quality perfumes in a fine natural base. Exquisitely clear and refreshing.
Slogan on Package: The Rare Incense Collection

Type: Masala Stick
Scent Family: Resin
Strength: Strong
Burn Time: 1 hour
Afterburn Linger: 1 hour
Smoke: Heavy (white-blue smoke)
Good For: Rituals, clarity, healing from trauma, readjusting out of an old & unhealthy phase.

Review: Depicting on its cover a bold Ganesh in the guise of Mr. Clean, a thick and hairy stick emerges from a sunny day-evoking box of incense. The color of this generous masala is a light brown-grey. The pre-burn scent is reminiscent of what I imagine household cleaners want to smell like but never do—eye-opening, while legit and natural.

It takes about two whole seconds after light-up to realize this isn't going to be yet another lightweight lemon-clean incense. With the billowing smoke now surrounding me, I’m thrust into a deep incense experience. Five minutes later, Frankincense Deluxe is in full control of the room. Now what? I'm something of a control freak with my personal environment, so the whitish-thick smoke has me on edge. Looks like a slow burner though; gonna stop fighting it and see where this ride goes.

I know it is my job to describe incense, so it will certainly sound like a cop out to say the scent is “very hard to describe.” But you smell this one with your brain, not your nose. The fragrance is quite strong, yet simple and noble—definitely more suited to fill the air of ancient stone buildings than my humble apartment. But as I mentioned, Frankincense Deluxe is in control, and even my meager surroundings have been elevated to some kind of mini devotional zone.

Fans of frankincense surely have recognized by now that I'm a newcomer to their domain, but for the purists who only burn pure frankincense with coals, I challenge you to pick up a box. I think you’ll agree that the high-quality punch Incense Works packs in these sticks is pretty amazing.

I’ll admit that I waited to burn the last stick before finishing this review. But when I was finally out, I had a very deep respect—not to mention a profound addiction—to Frankincense Deluxe.

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